Greenwood weekend

Who’s it for?

Brand new for 2015, and run with Jack Raven bushcraft, this greenwood working weekend has been carefully designed for those who would like to develop their craft skills working with traditional, sustainable materials in a stunning ancient woodland location.

Whilst we are certain that you will leave us with some great hand crafted items, you will also leave us with new found confidence and ability having mastered two of bushcraft’s most essential tools, the knife and axe.

What will I do?

We will start the course by showing you how to safely use an axe.  We’ll look at selecting your wood, splitting techniques and a variety of methods to cross cut the wood for the raw materials.

Pole Lathing

You will be shown how to cleft greenwood and use an axe and a shave horse to shape the wood.
You will then get to use a traditional woodland pole lathe where students have turned dibblers, rolling pins, spirtles, honey drizzlers, chair legs and even potato mashers!

Rake making

you can also learn how to make your very own wooden garden rake 


We will show you a variety of axe and knife Swedish carving techniques. Safety and being able to work with minimum of effort will be the main focus of the session.  You will also learn to identify which strokes are best suited for different kinds of cuts. After this session you will be ready for some carving, beginning with a Swedish style spatula and culminating with a spoon.

We’ll also show you how to sharpen your carving tools .

Turning tools, carving knives, draw knives, a selection of axes and crook knives are all provided.


21st - 22nd oct 2017