Blacksmithing bodging and bushcraft

Held in conjunction with jack raven bushcraft this brand new and unique 5 day course combines the ancient art of the blacksmith with traditional bodging and essential bushcraft skills 

it is intended for anyone with an interest in woodland skills and traditional craft work we will show you how to use an iron age pit forge and a solar powered forge.

You will fell a tree and use a variety of techniques to cut it for the raw materials.

You will be shown how to cleft greenwood and to use a shave horse to shape the wood and then onto the pole lathe 

You will get ample opportunity to practice all these skills and once you have a good grasp you will be let loose to make unique items to take home with you

In between all of this you will be shown and given time to practice essential bushcraft skills such as tree and plant id, back country cooking spoon making etc

All tools, materials and food are included in the cost of this course


​17th - 21st may